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Set to Take on Starbucks, Hooters’ Style January 30, 2007

Posted by Celso in Business, Differentiation.

A drive-thru worth going thru

If you’re committed and go to Hooters these days, it’s probable that the wife or girlfriend wouldn’t care so much. Today, Hooters doesn’t carry the stigma of a strip club but rather that of an all-American restaurant experience, filled with blonds, sports and chicken wings, “The Man Show” style. Cowgirl Espresso is a novel concept. Catered to men, this Starbucks wannabe uses beautiful girls in skimpy outfits to serve coffee, which most claim is pretty darn good.

The Power of the Marmaid

A latte is a latte unless it’s Starbucks latte. It’s like the damn mermaid puts a spell on us or something. With customization and its living room environment, Starbucks conquered the world, corner after corner. So here’s this novel idea: offering a latte prepared by semi-nude beautiful women. The chances Cowgirl Espresso steals much of Starbucks market share? Minimal. For once, they are a local company but even if they were national, they won’t generate mass appeal. They’re instead playing in a niche market but one that may get some average Joes to enjoy Triple-shots Valencia Non-Fat Soy Lattes with a hint of Nutmeg.

This blog doesn’t like it. He thinks there’s a conflict between the coffee house’s claim of having Seattle’s best coffee and girls wearing skimpy suits to attract customers. But who can blame them? Quality alone won’t beat the mermaid, because most people think like me: a latte is a latte, unless it’s served by another type of mermaid.



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