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PowerPoint Lessons June 7, 2007

Posted by Celso in B-School, Humor.

It has been 2 years of Business school: classes, assignments, dysfunctional group projects, cases and much more. From Day 1, the ability to deliver sound presentations as a result of a team analysis has been a top priority for Pepperdine. And yet, some groups – including my own at times – have come to deliver presentations that are beyond bland and time-stopping. Many of them, because of mistakes presenters make when using PowerPoint, a visual aid that many mistakenly use to hide their public speaking mediocrity. I may have posted this before but it’s noteworthy to bring it back up. It’s a rule that should be in every corporation’s best practices manual and certainly in every syllabus of every class that requires an oral pitch. It’s what Guy Kawasaki has once baptized as the 10 20 30 rule of PowerPoint: simply put, in order to keep the audience captivated, the presentation should be about 20 minutes long and your visual aid should consist of 10 slides and use at least 30 pt. font. It’s a simple, yet great guideline that surely makes up for some of the mistakes the video below so tastefully displays.

To give credit to whom it’s deserved, I first saw the video above here, soon after seeing it as a top article on Digg.

This post was originally posted at celso/oliveira.org. The video can be found there since WordPress doesn’t allow embedded videos yet. Anyone in b-school can relate to it.



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