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Traffic Update June 11, 2007

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Just a quick update to inform that our blog, which is about 1 year old has registered about 20,000 hits up to this day. Thanks for all the support. Let’s keep the M experience alive.

Castle Manager Project – Good Luck Team Pepperdine January 14, 2007

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Congratulations to Sarah Whitfield, Greg Holt, Raj Kalra and Jessmy D’Souza.

They will be representing the Graziadio School of Business Management as they assist former Pepperdine student Mark Mushkin to develop a full scale marketing strategy for his Las Vegas based Internet business, Castle Manager.

Apart from the financial compensation the team will earn, Castle Manager will allow each student to put their marketing skills to practice in the fast growing second-home services industry.

1000 Hits Mark Just Passed October 5, 2006

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 I am proud to announce that after only a few weeks of existence, the Pepperdine M Blog has reached the 1000 visits mark. According to our stats, since it went live, the blog received 1070 visitors. During our best day, we had 76 people visit the webspace in 24 hour period. I’m happy with the results. I hope people keep enjoying the resource.

Marketing Management Panelists Announced October 2, 2006

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Our three panelists for the first official M event have all confirmed their presence for October 23rd. We hope many of you can attend and take advantage of this opportunity. Soon, we’ll be posting the profile of our three individual guests on a separate post. For now, we’ll go with a brief introduction:

Sandra Sellani – Marketing Director for Sperry Van Ness and author of upcoming book “The Cure for the Common Brand

Amy Snyder – Owner and CEO of Seaside Brands, formely marketing manager of Quiksilver and Clairol
Jessica Buell – Nestle; Recent alum of Pepperdine’s Full Time MBA Program.

Co-Hosted Event with USC Being Planned September 20, 2006

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We are in the process of setting up a joint event with USC. They Marketing Society is structured a little different from ours. After all, their student body is a little bit larger than ours. Nevertheless, we believe there should be interaction between the two schools.

We are looking to meet up with their President next Friday. In the meantime, we’d love to hear suggestions on what type of events (career outlooks, social, company visits, networking) people were hoping to get out of this…

Welcome, new Bloggers! September 20, 2006

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Dear M Community,

I wanted to let everyone know we have two new contributors to our blog. Michael Tanenbaum and Vanessa Vanderzanden will be sharing their marketing insights with us over the next year.

I’m still looking for a couple more people who are passionate about writing and have an interest in marketing to join our team. Our goal is to have at least one post a day.

Thank You For Coming and Next Steps September 15, 2006

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Thanks everyone for sticking around last night… I know, it was a long, busy week, so it was definitely appreciated. I’ll be posting some of the more important topics we covered last night, including sign-up opportunities for those who want to get involved in our different opportunities.

Room Change for Meeting September 11, 2006

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Our meeting has been changed to P-2 in Malibu. Unfortunetely, P-1 had been taken when I went on to book it.

See you soon.

Last Night’s Mixer and Incoming Class August 8, 2006

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I attended the new student mixer last night in Malibu and I have to say I am impressed with our incoming class. It seems to be a great group of people (and very organized too!). I know I spoke with a few about the Marketing Society, our goals and upcoming events but I obviously didn’t have a chance to get to everyone.

If there’s any questions I can answer about M, please don’t hesitate to ask. My email once again is celso.oliveira@pepperdine.edu

Enjoy the rest of your vacations!

Topics and dates for 06-07 events announced! August 7, 2006

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During the last M Leadership Team meeting, a outline of our events for the upcoming year was planned. You can find more info on what the 2006-07 year will hold on the tab above named “Events”. The information at this point is rather “green” and tentative. But as developments happen we’ll update the page and post an announcement.

If everything holds out as planned, our first kickoff meeting will be on September 14th, 2007. More information and official confirmation on that to come.