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What’s a Brand? By Seth Godin May 1, 2007

Posted by Celso in Brand Management.
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I hope some of you have a chance to take Prof. Al Stefl’s Brand Management course. It’s a good way to get situated on what the role of a brand manager within the company and to assess if such career path is truly for you. The class was busy and structured with a balanced array of assignments and activities. I give Prof. Stefl all the credit for the great job in his first semester teaching at the B-School, even though the grade curving needs to be smoothed a little to separate exceptional students from really good ones and the really good ones from the good ones. (There’s not really a way you can be “bad” at Brand Management).

The course begins with a discussion of what exactly is a brand, a question I must say, that really varies according to someone’s past experiences and interpretation. His views are based on his extensive experience with P&G and Nestle. Conversely, other definitions can be found out there, some more appealing than others, many of them sharing certain key points. If you are a Seth Godin’s fan, you may want to check out exactly what he believes is a brand or what is made of.