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Clever rebranding ad December 10, 2006

Posted by Michael in Advertising, Branded Entertainment.
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This Flash movie has a rather clever take on rebranding.


Video Games a Growing Target for Marketers November 8, 2006

Posted by Celso in Advertising, Branded Entertainment.
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Especially for those brands appealing for younger crowds. It’s one of the fastest growing mediums of advertising, as PROMO magazine reports here.

Back in the days of the old Nintendo (the first one), Pizza Hut was seen featured in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game as the brand of choice for the pizza eating sewer creatures. Today, as PROMO reports, the possibilities for the brand manager are multiple and way beyond the logo display. Banner ads, advergames (a game developed around a specific product), brand integration and downloadable content are only a few of the options for the marketer to reach consumer gamers.

This only goest to prove that TiVO is not the only concern for the preachers of the :30 second spot, both on the TV side and the client/agent sides. With the release of new consoles by Sony and Nintendo, the advertising lanscape is about to get even more competitive.

Arguably the best game ever! 

Brand Journalism October 31, 2006

Posted by yasmine in Branded Entertainment.
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GM has launched its own blog called Fastlane, at fastlane.gmblogs.com, with postings from top executives, whose comments enable some honest talk from the top. The discussion of issues respond to some critical comments that face the company, and allows a transparent dialogue between a brand and its consumers. Fastlane allows GM to speak directly with consumers about negative publicity, and speak directly with consumers, and critics. Brand journalism allows companies to see the market as a conversation, opening an honest dialogue with its audience.